I learned something today.

I was considering skipping the morning “service” they have before Hebrew School this morning, because it’s too embarrassing since I refused to sing the songs last time and the lady came up to me and said “I see you don’t know the prayers” and I was like “Yeah because you do them all differently than the synagogue.” Anyway, I ended up going come-what-may and learned something, wouldn’t you know it. I learned that I’ve been saying the beginning of the Amida wrong—the one-liner that comes before the beginning, that is—”ופ יגד תהלתה…”. (I know this is spelled wrong, but nonetheless) I’d been saying “וג יגד תהלתה…”. No wonder I’ve been messing up all the words lately. Oh, it’s been bad. I don’t even trust my own pronunciation.

But seriously, when I’ve only been awake for fifteen minutes, I’m not exactly at my peak. Whose idea was it not to eat before saying the Amida? Anyway, I eat two bowls of Cheerios beforehand, so there.


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